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Events and community for women reimagining midlife

We’re a community of women fully embracing the next chapter, and creating a fresh approach to our 40s, 50s and beyond. Come Revel with us!

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A space where women create and connect, with open hearts and open minds.
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What is Revel?

Revel is a community for women who want more in their next chapter: more exploration, more opportunity, and more connection. We’re not about aging gracefully, but aging honestly.

Women gather on the Revel platform to have important conversations: everything from politics and feminism to our favorite authors, relationship crises, health challenges, empty nesting, fitness and travel; the highs and the lows, they’re all here.

Revel membership includes tools for you to create, plan, and attend both virtual and in-person events, as well as member-led discussion groups and expert-led workshops. Our platform is part social group, part networking platform, part learning hub and really so much more. Revel is where women in midlife build the community they want for their next chapter.

We’ll come to you

Our Locations

Our community started in the SF Bay Area and has grown across the US, Canada and around the world. Our communities in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, San Diego and Washington DC are our largest, and at the moment you'll find most of our in-person events in these areas. As a member you can search our directory and find women in your local area to join you for a hike, meet for a glass of wine or, just have fun!

As we grow our members are planning events everywhere — which means YOU can start building events and meet Revel members in your neighborhood.

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Your playground

Revel Events

Revel membership includes hundreds of events and experiences each month created by other members, plus workshops and discussions led by experts.
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DTLA Taco Crawl

Tacos, cocktails
and friends IRL
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Spoiler: we’re probably for you

Who is Revel for?

Revel is for you if:
  • You’re a woman in the second half of your life
  • You want to meet more awesome women
  • You want to organize or attend a book club (or a writing accountability group, or a girls’ night out at that new restaurant you’ve been dying to try)
  • You need a safe place to discuss sex, aging, caretaking, etc.
  • You embrace your age, relish new perspectives, and want to tap into the wisdom of women with lived experience
Friends with lots of benefits


Membership is free (for life!) to the first 20,000 Revelers who join, and allows you to create and attend events and join discussion groups on the topics you care about.

We invite women to join as members so that we can ensure a safe and welcoming experience; we’re the first tech platform built specifically for YOU, without ads and with safeguards for your data and privacy. We won’t sell or share your personal info, and you can feel confident knowing that we have high expectations for conduct in our community, which you can learn more about in our community guidelines. 

Three women enjoying a beautiful mountain vista as they hike outdoors.
An African American woman wearing a beautiful handmade necklace with a knowing smile in front of an ornate wooden wall.A group of women in their 40s, 50s and 60s gathered for networking outside.
Where the action is

Revel Groups

Groups are forums on the Revel platform where you can have honest conversations in a safe space, and tap into the collective wisdom and wit of our sisterhood. Ask a question, get advice on a sticky situation, or share something you love — all with the amazing women you'll meet at Revel events and with whom you'd like to continue the conversation. Groups are spaces where you can create a post or comment on what other members are sharing.

Revel Groups are all created and facilitated by Revel members. Topics reflect what our members want to talk about. From silly to serious, conversions range from the joy of dog moms to deep feelings about managing chronic health conditions. Join conversations about hobbies like hiking, sewing and gardening alongside space to talk about life as a single mom, get support for your entrepreneurial journey or connect with LGBTQIA+ members.

The voice of women 40+

The Reveler Blog

We believe that every woman has a story worth sharing. Some women in our community are gifted writers, and they tell their stories on our blog, along with guest writers and perspectives from the Revel team. On The Reveler you’ll find the essays about the difference between being alone and being lonely, stories of loss and deep grief, exploration of the value of unpaid work, reflections on not becoming a parent, and the anticipation of your child becoming a parent. Along with so much more about menopause, dating, anxiety, love, fashion - we could go on.

Grab your drink of choice, maybe a snack too, and dive into the stories from our community. There is so much to enjoy, learn and feel. If you’re interested in contributing, send us a note at [email protected].

Three women enjoying a beautiful mountain vista as they hike outdoors.Three women enjoying a beautiful mountain vista as they hike outdoors.

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