About Us

We’re here, and we’re a force to be reckoned with. There are 58.75 million women in this country aged 50 and over. We’re in big cities, suburbs, small towns, and rural enclaves. But while we’re everywhere, we’re hard to find. Hidden in our homes, lost in dreary routines, or trapped in obligations that fail to bring joy. With children grown, and careers winding down, this is our time to revel in the rest of our lives. But we have been siloed and cut off.

Welcome to Revel! We’re here to help you create the world you want for the second half of your life. We summon you to create your own journey using your skills, creativity, experience, and spirit. Find a member who lives near you, start a coffee klatch or a book club. Search for members who share your passions and invite them to a mahjong class, an art deco dress up party, a weekend camping trip, or a monthly writers’ workshop. Create online meetings where you can invite your friends old and new to discuss any and everything that’s important to you—grandkids, pets, the trials of aging, the challenges of dating. And no 40-minute limit, as Zoom unlimited comes as part of your account.

It’s never been easier to find all the friends you want. Our culture focuses on the losses that come with aging, but good things happen too. We are more patient, compassionate, less judgmental, and accept ourselves to a degree we couldn’t in our youth. While our physical beauty fades, we compensate by finding strength and courage that wasn’t there before. We’re no longer competing, we’re collaborating. In acknowledging that our need for connection is mutual, we Revelers create a welcoming environment where we can share our joys, fears, concerns, and common spirit. What more perfect time to revel with us?
We’ll let you in on a bit of our lingo: our members call themselves Revelers, and we think it fits just right.
A person who is enjoying themselves in a lively and noisy way.

Our Community Experience

Revel members soiree

Our members from across the Bay Area gather together for joyous events that celebrate our entire community. The Revel New Year’s Soiree rang in 2020 with conversation, laughter and the spark of new friendships.

I met several people, and had real conversations. I loved it. I am convinced that Revel is for me, and just registered for two events.

– Susan G.
Member from Oakland, since Nov 2019
Revel members out for a walk

Revel members build relationships from day one.

I signed up for a hike in Edgewood Park —my first Revel event—and asked the group if anyone was driving from SF. Lauren offered me a ride. We started talking and the conversation hasn’t stopped since. We became fast friends.”

– Suzie C.
Member from San Francisco, since Dec 2019
Revel members in a cafe

An intimate conversation at a local coffee shop, a walk through a new park or a lunch chat are the simple but real ways our members build fulfilling relationships. Small-group, recurring events offer opportunities to connect deeply - and laugh until your cheeks hurt.

I’ve met super interesting women through Revel. Every woman has a story to tell and everyone is supportive of your story.”

– Lauren B.
Member from San Francisco, since Oct 2019
Revel member talk

Learning from experts in their field alongside fellow women adds a rich dimension to Revel member relationships. After hearing from leading authors, researchers and thought leaders many members will meet again to discuss the topic or share their perspectives.

I liked how you made us feel like we - for the most part still strangers -  were long time friends.”

– Elena L.
Member from Mountain View, since Oct 2019

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