4 Easy Ways to Get Involved with Revel

February 5, 2020

We’re excited to see our Revel membership growing – and to have the input of new and established members on making this a truly inclusive community designed for and by women 50 and over. There are lots of opportunities to share your ideas and inspiration, invite new friends, and get connected. Below, four easy ways to get involved with Revel. Join us!

  1. First Sundays. The first Sunday of every month, Revel members gather in different locations – East Bay, San Francisco, Marin, South Bay, and the Peninsula – to connect over coffee and talk about topics of interest. It’s a time to get to know other Revel members and to discover commonalities in a warm and welcoming environment. Fran Goodman, who lives in South Bay, says of her First Sundays experience: “We were all at various stages, with different life experiences, kids, and ages. When you talk to other members, you may not have the exact same experiences, but you’re learning from one another.” Kelley Nayo-Jahi hosts First Sunday gatherings in the East Bay and says they are a place for deeper conversations. “We talked about things we were celebrating, thing we were looking forward to, and anything that was a challenge,” she says. 
  2. Event Brainstorming with Revel’s Head of Community. A low-key way to share your ideas for future Revel events and gatherings is to hop on a half hour Event Brainstorming phone call with Revel Head of Community Lauren Beller on Tuesday, Feb. 11, 12-12:30pm. A transplant to San Francisco from New York City, Lauren has embraced West Coast living and all the social opportunities offered by Revel. “We choose what we are involved with [at Revel] and we have the power to build this community,” she says. Lauren will give you input on your ideas and talk about the ways Revel can help bring them to fruition, through purchasing group tickets, finding a location, and providing outreach to members. 
  3. Current and New Member Coffee. Gather with Revel members over a cup of coffee or tea at Revel member Stephanie O’Dell’s house in San Rafael on Thursday, Feb. 13, 10:30am-12pm. Stephanie is the 57-year-old founder of the fabulous site, Celebrate the Gray, offering styling and inspiration for women 50 and over, and 50+ models for brands like Athleta and Stitch Fix. She has taken on the role of Marin Community Lead along with Renata Jabuka, and says she was drawn to Revel because it provides the “girlfriend environment” that so many women crave. These intimate gatherings are a great place to introduce other women in your life to Revel!
  4. Revel Forums. Revel just launched a way for members to connect virtually called Revel Forums. Discover members in your area, reach out to members with common interests, and strategize together on upcoming event ideas. And keep us posted on how the forums are working at [email protected] – we look forward to your feedback!

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