An entrepreneur and coach steps into the spotlight.
February 25, 2021

Revel Member Spotlight: Angela Hook

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This month Revel member Angela Hook steps into the spotlight. Angela is the founder of Forever Evolving a coaching business focused on cultivating and restoring relationships, goal achievement, skill development. Angela speaks about how relationships in her life spurred her to start teaching others about relationships, and particularly how to cultivate healthy women-to-women relationships.

Angela shares her empowering perspective on what it means to move forward through every phase of life, no matter your age or stage: ”I believe that every person should be growing, developing and changing over the span of their life. If you’re not growing then you’re not moving forward.”

Angela is a proud lifelong resident of Lansing, MI and came to Revel after searching for a community of women who are welcoming and like-minded. Angela is an active Revel member and host. You can meet her at the Women's Devotional Book Study group which she co-hosts on Sunday afternoons.

Hear all of Angela’s thoughts here and learn more about Angela’s business at