Deeper Connections: Loraine Koury on Finding Her Tribe

October 22, 2019

Loraine Koury is always on the lookout for other women who are interested in a deeper connection. She’s not looking to simply fill her hours with group activities – in fact, she relishes her alone time. But she’s looking for her tribe – other women who want to have discussions and discover common interests; who are thoughtful, passionate, and interesting. When she saw a Facebook ad for Revel, something clicked. 

Women over 50
Revel member Loraine Koury

“When you are younger,” says Loraine, who is 63, “You have a wide group of acquaintances, and you’re always staying active and doing stuff. As you get older, your priorities change. My time is more valuable now, and I’m much more selective about who I spend my time with. The bar is very high.” 

Loraine says she has been to Meetup events, and has connected with a few folks there, but she finds that “any meetups specific to a certain age range end up being singles meetups.” 

Revel is different, she says, and not just because the focus does not so easily turn to potential dating partners. “One of the great things about Revel is the diversity of women from all different walks of life,” Loraine says. “The women have a broad range of interests.” 

Through Revel, Loraine can choose to go to any number of different events that spark her interest, without any previous knowledge or experience. She mentioned signing up for an upcoming tour of Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael because it caught her interest. “I want to know that person,” she says of the host, Laurie, who is described as a psychotherapist and fellow dog lover. “It’s great to find connections not based on eating and drinking.” 

She’s also hosting her own event – a night out for dinner and a concert by the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir performing soul, jazz, and Christmas classics with the San Francisco Symphony on December 12. It’s the type of special event, she says, that’s perfect to experience with other interesting women. “I don’t know the choir, but I want to support Oakland,” Loraine says. “I love going to the Symphony and the holidays make it even more fun.” 

She says she’s already made a couple meaningful connections with women she has met through Revel and plans to meet them for dinner and coffee dates. She works full time, commuting from the Peninsula to San Francisco, and does pottery in her free time. She knows that retirement is approaching and is interested in finding interests to pursue with other women. “I’m asking myself: ‘How will I fill my days?’” Loraine says. “A lot of that is exploration. I think Revel will help provide that.”

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