An Emboldened Entrepreneurial Spirit

Jill Layman
October 9, 2020
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Silicon Valley is well known as a breeding ground for entrepreneurs. It’s a place where ideas, innovation, and initiative are rewarded. Even failures are applauded here — the willingness to take such a risk shows gumption and gumption is invaluable. Revel, itself, is the successful result of two industrious women entrepreneurs so, of course, we encourage the same chutzpah among our members.  

Revel’s Entrepreneur Group is thriving — evidence that creativity doesn’t have an age limit. Co-hosted by Revel’s own Brand Advisor StephanieO’Dell and Revel member Leigh Estes, the group includes 35 (and counting) established and aspiring entrepreneurs sharing their experiences for the mutual benefit of all. The group draws participants from across the country, not just Silicon Valley, which provides unique insights garnered from different market segments.

“People assume that we should be content and thinking about retiring as we age, but many women over 50 are actively thinking of new opportunities,” says Stephanie. “We started this group for those women entrepreneurs who need encouragement to pursue their passion.”

Stephanie started her own business, Celebrate the Gray, five years ago. A former fashion stylist, Stephanie saw a need for older women to be positively portrayed in corporate marketing and advertising campaigns. Her agency currently represents about 30 models, all of whom are women older than 50. “I think women feel invisible and forgotten in part because we are underrepresented in the media,” she explains. Whether working with local media, associations like AARP, or global companies like Athleta, Stephanie helps reinvent programming to portray aging women more authentically.

“Women over 50 have the most spending power of any age group,” she points out. “Companies can capture those buyers if they start changing the visuals for women as we age.”

Stephanie’s co-host for Revel’s monthly Entrepreneur Group is Leigh Estes, another woman who launched her own consulting business after 50. Leigh primarily works with “solopreneurs,” offering a solely owned and operated business strategic planning advice as well as connections to outside resources. Specializing in empowering the “whole” entrepreneur, Leigh also helps provide solutions for brain, gut, skin, energy/sleep, and overall health. 

“As someone who thrives on connecting and resourcing others,” Leigh explains, “I am excited by these Revelers who are sharing their stories, business wisdom, and life experience to help other women on the entrepreneurial journey.”

Revel’s Entrepreneur Group does have one younger voice participating: Revel CEO and Co-Founder Lisa Marrone, who imparts her experience starting Revel with Co-founder Alexa Wahr. A former venture capitalist in the tech industry, Lisa also provides valuable insight about available funding options for start-ups.

The group meets monthly and invites any Reveler running her own business or contemplating a jump into the entrepreneurial pool to sign up through the Events page on Revel’s website here.

You can join the entrepreneur group conversation on our forum here, or email [email protected] to learn the latest about the group and upcoming events.

Let’s share our wisdom and inspire one another’s unlimited potential.

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