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3 side by side images of the same woman trying on different fall outfits.
Tamara Lyons
September 15, 2022

Fall Fashion Take: Tamara Lyons

I’ve put together these outfits from my closet, as that is my favorite place to shop!

I hope my ensembles help inspire you to rock these looks.

Growing up I loved late summer, as that was the time of year my grandma would take me, in her Tiffany blue Mercedes sedan, shopping for back-to-school clothing. In search of the perfect outfits, we would usually go to Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth Avenue, in suburban Westchester County where I lived. Sometimes she would treat me and we’d shop in Manhattan, where she lived, and we’d go to Burberry and fancy Italian shoe stores. As young as first grade, my fashion designer grandmother (she had her own eponymous lingerie line,  Eve Stillman, Inc.) would teach me how to look at the quality of a garment, and how to mix and match pieces, 

Trying on polo sweaters, plaid skirts, Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses and suede and corduroy knee-high khaki boots, Grandma would tell me when I didn’t look good in something, and would always say “most people will lie to you and say you look beautiful, but a Grandma will always tell you the truth!” She was ruthless in editing my looks, but I generally agreed with her opinion, so all was well. I still hear her voice when I’m in a dressing room, telling me when I can do better. 

When I entered high school I became a bit of a rebel, and wanted to wear my father’s button down shirts, and Mom’s Norma Kamali sweatshirt dresses, which made Grandma Eve mad as hell. But, she would relent and supplement what I planned to borrow from my parents’ closet with a few pieces that made her heart sing. I usually found a way to incorporate our diverse choices, like an oversized sweater from my Dad with Grandma-approved wide corduroy pants.

Fast forward to 2022: I saw over a dozen people I grew up with at our 35th high school reunion, and almost all of them wanted me to know that they and their parents remembered me as being the best dressed kid at school. This would have made my Grandma so proud! They also all asked if I had pursued a career in fashion. It was so much fun to tell them about my Instagram account, Lyons Share Living, where I share fashion looks and lifestyle choices. The common denominator in my feed is simple: things that are beautiful and bring me joy. 

So, when Nina Collins asked me to assemble some Fall looks for the Revel Community, I thought ‘how fun!’ It took me back to counting down the hours until the first day of school, when I could finally put on all my new outfits that were sitting in my closet clamoring to be worn. 

Without further ado, here are what I consider the best hot looks for Fall 2022, all of which can easily look great on women over 40.

I’ve put together these outfits from my closet, as that is my favorite place to shop! I love the challenge of trying to recreate a “current” runway look from clothing inherited and bought over the last seven  decades, as I have so much of my mother and grandmother’s pieces, and they still hold up. Fashion is cyclical, so if you have something you love, hold onto it, even if it is not currently in fashion; everything eventually comes back!  

I hope my ensembles help inspire you to rock these looks. You can find the types of pieces I’m wearing at higher end retailers like Nordstrom as well as in more affordable stores like H&M and Zara. 

One caveat, if you go to “Fast Fashion” stores like H&M or Zara, where garments are mostly under $50, beware that the clothing size is not predictable, so you may be a size Small in one pair of pants but an Extra Large in another model. In addition, the synthetic fibers can be itchy and do not breathe, which for already overheated menopausal women can be a real pain. The polyester clothes have been criticized for being an environmental hazard, as they allegedly take 3000 years to decompose in the landfills, so beware that Fast Fashion doesn’t bode well for the planet. However, the stores are aware and are making some effort to recycle the clothing.

That said, if you are just interested in experimenting with a new look, those stores can be a godsend as they require little investment. Personally, I am a huge proponent of buying pre-loved designer clothing, as the quality is top-notch while the price point is 50-90 percent less than retail. The Real Real, Vestiare Collective, First Dibs, and What Goes Around Comes Around all carry women’s clothing that is in excellent condition and sometimes still has the original tags on!

I’d love to hear which one of these looks you like best and if you have found any great items in the stores currently, which could help fellow Revelers find a great new addition to their wardrobe, so please reach out to me on Revel or on my Instagram!

Something Bright:

Teal Empire Waisted Goddess Dress: (purchased at a summer 2022 sale at Saks)

Boots: Prada

Black Jacket: Gianni Versace (vintage)

Bag: Lana Marks (vintage)

Pendant necklace: Reagan Rada

A Hint of Gold:

Wide Legged Trousers: Brunello Cucinelli from The Real Real 

Pussy Bow Silk Blouse: from 2021

Bag: Chanel

A Little Bit of Camo:

Trousers: same as above

Camouflage Sweater:



A Simple Sweater: 


Sequin open weave sweater:

The Leather Look: 

Navy Leather Pants:

Shoes: Amalfi by Rangoni

Lady Dior Bag:

Sweater: at Saks


Plaid Vibes: 

Plaid Jacket: Chanel Vintage from 2004 (from What Goes Around Comes Around)

Kelly Bag: Hermes from 1977 (belonged to Grandma Eve)

Lace Camisole: Vintage (designed by Eve Stillman)

Black High Rise Jeans with waxy finish: (bought at Summer 2022 Sale at Saks)



Essential Wide Legged Jeans: 


Striped Shirt: 

Bag: Celine Vintage 

Shoes: Amalfi by

A Turtleneck Dress:

Jean jacket:


Dress: (about 10 years old)

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