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September 1, 2021

Groups Are Here!

Announcing Revel Groups

We’re thrilled to be rolling out our new Groups feature here at Revel! Groups will function as online discussion forums where you can connect with other Revelers, ask for recommendations, share stories, post your upcoming Revel events, and delve into niche interests. 

Note: we are still in the beta/development phase of this innovation. Many features have been built and many are still to come!

The ability to create your own groups is coming down the road but for the time being we’re launching with 12 groups, some broad, some specific, all open for all Revelers to explore. Here’s a brief overview of the groups you can join: 

Revelers World Wide

Curator: Revel HQ

A Revel-wide discussion group (and the only group you’ll be automatically added to.) All Revelers are welcome to use this group to share events, ask questions of your fellow members, and post anything else you're interested in. If you have an idea for a group or event and want input from your fellow members, this is a great place to share.

We, the Revel team, will also use this group to share general updates and announcements with the full community. 

Hosting Resources

Curator: Revel HQ

This group is open to anyone from longtime Revel hosts to the hosting-curious. We’ll use this group to share information about upcoming hosting events, resources and more. Most importantly, this community is a space for Revel hosts (or future-hosts) to ask questions, share advice and get to know one another.


The Woolfer

Curator: Nina Collins

A confidential forum, with a bent toward the literary, witty, and feminist. A place to discuss, support, and share things we may not care to share with the partners and children in our lives. We speak here, in an unusually candid way, about all things that we care about — our bodies, our romantic lives, our kids, our careers, literature, politics. And what happens inside The Woolfer groups stays inside the Woolfer group, that is a value we hold deeply. 


Revelers of a Certain Age

Curator: Pattie

The Revelers of a Certain Age group celebrates and focuses on the unique issues that women face after the chronological age of 50.

We aim to foster community, build and promote healthy relationships, stay relevant by learning new things, and have fun while doing it!


The Writers Room

Curator: Tulani Bridgewater-Kowalski

A support group and asylum for writers. This is a space for denizens of The Writer’s Room and beyond to share, chat, get feedback, provide insights and enjoy each other’s company. This is a bonus space in compliment to our daily TWR sessions and monthly cocktails. A port-of-call for the ribald, revelatory and pedestrian. Sharing the joy, hilarity, absurdity and misery of writing…and life.


The LA Moveable Feast

Curator: Dale Pollekoff

Taking inspiration from the late, great Jonathon Gold, LA's beloved Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic, we will visits local eateries —those ubiquitous Mom & Pop strip mall joints, which blend into LA's literal melting pot of culinary flavors. Post recommendations in the group to help us compile our list of restaurants to explore! We'll determine the logistics in the first meeting, and refine as we move along. Perhaps we'll even compile our own 50 Best list complete with suggested dishes as J.G. did with such skill and wit before his untimely end. 


Armchair Travelers

Curator: Kimberly MacLean

Looking for inspiration for where to visit, or simply love learning about new places? Join us! This is a group for those who love to travel, vicariously or otherwise. 


Reading Women Writers

Curator: Kimberly MacLean

A shared space to leave info about our latest book finds from female authors! Each month we’ll choose 3 regions (from around the world) to focus on, we encourage you to read a book (any genre you like) from one of those regions, and use this group for discussion. 


Bay Area Hikers

Curator: Linda T

This group is for anyone who lives in the Bay Area and loves to hike! Our intent is to create a space where anyone interested in hiking can share hiking events, ask questions and meet other Revelers who share this interest. We are open to all hiking levels and hiking abilities.


Come Sew With Me

Curator: Pattie T. 

If you are a sewer, quilter, dressmaker and lover of all things fabric then this group of likeminded, enthusiastic women is for you. 

The mission of ‘Come Sew With Me’ is to create and share our ideas and accomplishments. We want to celebrate all things creative with fabric by you the maker. Also, let us promote the art of fiber artists, quilters and sewers by preserving traditions of those who came before us. We’ll also look at modern and creative ways to grow in our journey as ‘Makers’.


Revel Health

Curator: Revel HQ

A community where Revelers can post articles, ask questions, and share resources on any and all things health related. Whether it’s a question about whether or not to use HRT, how to deal with bone loss, how to find the best primary care doc in Austin or NYC, or what to do about plantar fasciitis, this is where you’ll get super helpful information in a shame-free, no-nonsense and supportive zone. We’re not doctors, but we know a lot, and knowledge is power!


Redefining Retirement

Curators: Karen & Erica

A group for career women who want to talk about how to defy outdated stereotypes about older women and retirement and how to create a new paradigm for the next third of thier lives. The group is hosted by Erica and Karen, the founders of Lustre, a blog for modern women who are thinking about what’s next. There’s so much to talk about: how to approach retirement, what to do with the fear, finding new purpose, reinvention, taking control, building community, remaining relevant. And more. 


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