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April 1, 2020

Haiku From Quarantine

A selection of haiku from the beautiful women in our community…

It’s still not clear why

In spite of all this free time

My house is a mess

--Gabrielle Fisher--

What time is it now?

Have I showered and dressed yet?

Day clothes same as night.


Hunted all month for

Flour and toilet paper

Instacart success

--Jennifer Wilkin--

Sleep eludes at night

I think about coming times

What is new normal?


Dare I feel pleasure?

Bathtub spearmint steam, a storm

Blows through my country

--Ti Stoneman---

With nowhere to be,

I thought I'd accomplish much

Instead I just read.


I love being home,

I don't need to see people -

But I miss sushi


Went for a long hike

The vitamin D felt nice

Home in Brooklyn now


Things devolving here

More sun, more exercise, but

Moods strange, alcohol strong

--Nina Collins--

Devolving here too

Weekends should be better, right?

Pre-teens v parents


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