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Revel HQ
September 9, 2021

Hosting Tips

A helpful overview for anyone interested in hosting an event with Revel!

Bring yourself to the description!

Here at Revel we want you to have the best possible experience, both as a host, and of course as an attendee. To help make that happen, we’d like to share here with you some of the most commonly asked hosting questions, with what we hope are hopefully helpful answers!

What are the top 3 things I can do to create the best event possible?

  1. Bring yourself to the description! Make sure you have your Revel profile filled out, and that you’ve shared some of what makes you special. Have you uploaded a favorite profile picture? Answered questions about your interests? In the description of your event we highly recommend that you include some tidbits about yourself and what you’re hoping to both bring to, and get out of hosting. For example “I’m an empty nester, a freelance writer and copyeditor who loves to windsurf and make stained glass. I’m really excited to talk about new fiction and online dating.” Or “My favorite color is purple; I adore cooking Mexican food, and I’d really like to find some new friends with whom I can talk about financial difficulties and realities in an honest and safe way.” Or “I’m an introvert and this is scary for me but I’m willing to give it a try.” Help event browsers get a sense of what you’re all about.
  2. Have you come up with the most accurate, eye-catching title? Do you want it to be straightforward? Funny? Consider what the typical browser will see when she comes across your event.
  3. To that same end, we hope you’ll choose a fun and compelling photo to upload, one that accurately reflects both your event and your personality! If you need any help with this, we’re also happy to jump in with ideas, just email [email protected].

What’s the best time/day to have an event?

Host your event when it works best for you. With women all over America and soon all over the world, it’s pretty hard to choose the perfect day and time for everyone. Do what works for you and others will find you!

Are there rules or guidelines about how to behave as a host?

We encourage each member to give some thought beforehand to her own unique hosting style. Do you have particular rules or expectations that are priorities for you as a host? Or do you like to just wing it and see what happens? We like to stress that there truly is no right or wrong, that  this is a platform for you to be you, and you will find your people here. But knowing your own approach and comfort level with how things should go will get you far in terms of a successful event. Managing expectations is everything!

Is there anything I might do that’s hard and fast against the rules? What am I not allowed to do?

That’s easy: no solicitation and no discrimination! For more details on both, see our Hosting Do’s & Don’ts.

We hope this helps. The Revel Team also hosts a weekly Hosting Q&A session on Mondays at 6pm ET where we’re happy to answer more questions, be a sounding board for event ideas, and offer inspiration. We wish you a wonderful experience;  revel in your leadership, creativity, and zest for life!

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