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July 7, 2022

How She Revels: Tamara Hadji Lyons

Being a 50-something woman gives you experience.

I post daily about my passions.

Age: 52

Location: Darnestown, Maryland

What do you do for work?  

I'm retired, but spend time angel investing, where I put my money into successful companies in a range of industries that seek cash for expansion, in exchange for stock. Since October 2021 I've also experimented with being an Instagram Influencer with Lyons Share Living, a page devoted to sharing things that bring me joy due to their beauty. I post daily about my passions, including fashion, travel, jewelry, home remodeling, flower arranging, my cats, and ending the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I am widowed, since 2007, and have learned that even in your darkest days, you can find one thing every day that brings you joy, and must focus on that. I have learned to be an optimist and that has helped me during these dark times in the USA since 2016. People need more joy in their lives and I am happy to share my beautiful life and hard earned knowledge. Being a 50-something woman gives you experience, experience gives you perspective, and perspective gives you the wisdom to see things much clearer than as a younger person. My Instagram presence gives me the opportunity to share that wisdom with people from around the world who are appreciative, and that makes my day on a daily basis. Plus, I get to model my vintage jewelry and clothing, some of which belonged to my Mom and Grandma, which is fun, and keeps their memory alive.

What’s the last best book you’ve read?

Bittersweet: How Grief and Sorrow Affect the Creative Process by Susan Cain. Cain writes eloquently about a subject I know well, having lost both my parents and my husband since 2006.  Loss has given me a heightened sense of appreciation for joy and beauty and this sensitivity actually brings me much happiness. Susan Cain taps into this connection and practically every page offers a great quote, or a reference to a song, religion or poet, that I want to learn more about. Plus, the Bittersweet playlist available on Apple Music and Spotify is absolutely fabulous!

What keeps you young at heart?

Exercise! Riding my Peloton and doing yoga and Pilates. Double parenting my 15 year old son to make him the best human he can be, and hearing what teenagers are feeling. Listening to trending music on Instagram reels, and watching young people’s Instagram, so I can learn how to edit my Lyons Share Living in a way that is fun and draws in the viewer.

Recent best discovery?

Cheap answer: Chobani Coffee Creamer Flip Edition with coconut and mocha. 30 calories never tasted so good! Expensive answer: Girls Guide to Paris and Beyond which takes solo women around the world on luxury adventures. I just spent a week in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, sampling Pinot wines, eating gourmet food, and forest bathing with waterfalls! It was an absolutely wonderful time and reminded me that you don’t need to travel with your family to experience the world.

What are you most looking forward to right now?

My son, Asher, returns on Saturday from Grand Tetons National Park, where he has been on a Wilderness Adventure for 3 weeks, white water rafting, hiking, camping and rock climbing. I cannot wait to hear how this experience changed him! He is such a wise, introspective young man who worries about the future of the planet. I hope this time in one of the most beautiful places in the world with eight of his peers gives him hope, community, and tools to handle the challenges of being a teenager in 2022.

Which Revel classes or events do you love best, and why?

I adore the monthly Documentary Discussions, as I watch films I would never have heard of otherwise and the movies are always so good! Plus, the discussions are super smart and the women have great insights. I also enjoy Monday night Sex Chats. The topics are wide-ranging, and I love how openly people discuss subjects that I was raised to believe were taboo. So liberating to hear how women are navigating the challenges and joys of sex post-40. I also like Yoga classes with Hannah Casey, who is a revelation and makes yoga enjoyable, even for beginners. Finally, I love the in-person events, and am fortunate to live in DC where Laila Awar spearheads many interesting museum and restaurant outings. I plan to pay it forward by hosting a Pool Party on July 24th in my backyard oasis in Maryland for International Day of Revelry! If you are in the area, please join us. Plus, the 2022 Revel weekend when Jenny Douglas came to town with Dale was pure magic! Women have the power to instantly connect, open up, and share deep thoughts, which is such a gift. Humans need community to thrive and I always walk away thinking I am so grateful to have Revel Woolfers in my life for the past 7 years; they never disappoint!

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