We want as many women as possible to Revel with us.
June 17, 2021

Revel Opens Inaugural Membership to 10,000 Members at No Cost

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As the world reemerges from more than a year of lockdown, we want as many women as possible to Revel with us. “Joy” has been a core tenet of Revel since the very beginning--as we proudly declare on our website, “we are here to laugh and have fun”--and summer 2021 is all about laughing and having fun with those we hold dear. That’s why, for a limited time, we are now offering Revel for free to all current and new members.

We started Revel in 2019 as an in-person events community because we believe in the power of meeting and connecting with one another face-to-face and sharing in real-world experiences together. While Covid forced us to reimagine what community looks like, the silver lining for Revel during this time was that it allowed us to open our platform to women all across the country during a time of uncertainty.

Virtual events have allowed Revelers to explore new topics and build genuine friendships from thousands of miles apart. Through our virtual “How She Revels” series, we’ve been able to learn directly from guests including Stacy London, Amy Errett, Susan Feldman, Barbara Waxman, and Ashton Applewhite. A member host named Elaine Ruffalo lectured us about art history live from Florence, Italy. And by convening at a Saturday night movie, a Friday afternoon “quarantini,” or a monthly meeting of the Revel Entrepreneurs Group, we’ve started to feel that we actually know those other faces shining through to us from their Zoom squares.

Virtual events and the digital features that Revel has built are here to stay. This means that your friends can join Revel and experience Revel virtually from wherever she lives in the world. Our communities are the largest in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, and the Washington DC Metro Area - and in these geographies our members can also use the Revel tools to organize in person events and gatherings. As we’ve each started to feel safer reemerging and seeing our fellow Revelers in person, we’ve been heartened by the reemergence of our in person communities in these locations. Upcoming in person events include the Marin Headlands Fitness Hike, Tamarack State Beach Weekly Walk, Lavender Daze in Santa Rosa, Vegan Dining in LA, Larkspur Walk & Talk, and DTLA Taco Crawl, just to name a few.

We are so thankful to each and every Revel member who has made this community the magical space that it is. Here’s to a healthy and happy summer 2021! Revel on.