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November 4, 2021

Introducing Revel Experts

Revel Experts are women from our community who are exceptional professionals in their fields.

Expertise should be rewarded, and we feel it’s important to acknowledge that some subjects warrant deeper exploration.

What could make the Revel experience even better? We’re flattered that you, our members, have asked for more: more community, more learning, and more ways to tackle big topics. 

That’s why we’re introducing Revel Experts, professional-led workshops and highly-curated content, as a new way to go deeper within the Revel community. While the Revel experience will always be anchored in free, member-planned and hosted events (more than 80% of all events!), some topics warrant a more structured approach with an expert guide. 

Think: a divorce attorney leading a 6-week bootcamp on divorce in midlife, or a professional chef hosting a weekend masterclass on vegan cooking. Revel Experts programs are fee-based, and will offer space to immerse yourself in an experience led by a carefully vetted professional. Revel Experts programs will add a new dimension to the amazing events and conversations that make this community a truly unique place for women.

Interested in applying to be a Revel Expert? Here’s how it works:

  • Interested members should apply through our online application (linked below).
  • Basic requirements to be an expert include: demonstrated expertise (5+ years experience in your field), an example of your content and delivery (such as a recorded class or upcoming event), a submitted sample class, references or testimonials, an outline of the proposed program and a suggested price per attendee.
  • Selected experts will be required to attend a short hosting training on the Revel platform.
  • All proposed programs must be a minimum of three events or classes within a six month period.
  • At the end of six months, experts are welcome to re-apply to extend their programming.

This program will launch in early 2022 and will be limited to a small number of experts. 


Questions? Read our FAQs below or email us at [email protected]


Who are the Revel Experts?

Revel Experts are women from within our community who are exceptional professionals in their fields. These women apply, and if selected, are chosen to offer a series of workshops based on their given realms of expertise. Unlike the vast majority of happenings on our site, Revel Expert workshops will have fees associated with them. The experts themselves will take home 80% of the income and Revel will keep 20% for management expenses.

Can you Give Me Some Examples?

  • A 6 week Divorce in Mid-life Boot Camp by a seasoned divorce attorney or mediator
  • A three part seminar on Architecture in the Italian Renaissance by a PhD art historian
  • A weekend workshop on Vegan Cooking by a chef/restaurateur
  • A fitness accountability group with a specific goal, taught by a top-notch exercise maven

What’s the Difference Between a Revel Expert and a Revel Host?

The level of expertise and experience, and also the distinction of a really unique offering. Some Revel hosts might consider themselves amateurs, or hobbyists, or enthusiastic fans. Others are sharing professional knowledge but want to do it in the casual spirit of shared experience and friendship. Revel Experts are very clearly here to teach us.

Why Are We Adding This To The Platform?

Expertise should be rewarded, and we feel it’s important to acknowledge that some subjects warrant deeper exploration. We want Revel to be a place where women can come to ask questions, get answers, find friends, and share knowledge, and sometimes that may be best satisfied by more in-depth workshops and intimate time spent together. We want the women who commit to leading these more rigorous sessions to be appropriately compensated. 

Will Revel Become a Paid Teaching Space Now?

No. We fundamentally believe and are committed to the notion that Revel should feel like a giant democratic space. To that end the Revel Expert program will be small - a separate and distinct level of offerings with only a few select expert instructors chosen at a time. We will rotate experts in and out, as we deem appropriate, so as to always keep a fresh mix of offerings, and to maintain the status quo, where the vast majority of Revel events remain member-led at no cost.

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