Revel Member Spotlight: Meet Marcia Moulton

Revel HQ
January 19, 2021

Meet Revel member Marcia Moulton, who found books and a love of learning at an early age! She was an entrepreneur long before she could pronounce the word. She began by working in her family's small grocery store and honed her skills developing side jobs. No job was too tough or menial as she babysat, picked/sold blackberries, sewed for others, cleaned neighbors' homes and worked in tobacco. These jobs and the lessons learned have served her well throughout her life.

She developed an interest in politics in high school which ultimately led her to law school. She was a pioneer in the field of mediation which was the perfect vehicle to exercise  her passion for helping people work out their differences. She continues to be a great listener and problem solver.

Born and raised in Georgia, Marcia left at seventeen and headed west via the Navajo nation, Denver, and LA. When she reached San Francisco, she knew she was home! She left to marry the “sweetest man in Alabama" and after his death, she returned to San Francisco where she now lives and works.

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