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October 7, 2021

More Groups Are Here!

Learn about our latest additions to Groups!

Groups are great way to connect online with Revelers who share similar interests or to meet/plan get-togethers with women near you.

We're thrilled to announce that we've launched our second round of new groups on Revel! Groups are a great way to connect online with Revelers who share similar interests, and to plan get-togethers with women near you. You have to be a Revel member to join our online discussion groups, so if you haven't made it official yet please do so here, it's free! 

You can browse all of groups here, but first scroll down to learn more about the new additions.

LGBTQIA+ Revelers

Curator: Shannon

LGBTQIA+ Revelers is a group dedicated to socializing and support for the LGBTQIA+ community within Revel. All are welcome! Our only rule are that we treat everyone in this group with respect and kindness.


You Mean it’s Forever? 

Curator: Pamela

A community designed for women with long-term and chronic illness or disability. We will empower each other to speak up and be heard as we share our stories. With a focus on attitudes, ideas, and strategies, we will encourage managing our lives in ways that are fulfilling and meaningful. Maybe you have inclusion issues, deal with loneliness, want to build awareness in our communities? Or, maybe you are looking for resources and information? Whatever your need, we will communicate via the group forum and will also have workshops, meetings and other sessions to address themes such as medical narratives, invisible disabilities, how to share bad news, holistic health management, communication strategies, and much, much more.


The Garden Girls

Curators: Merry, Nan, and Poonam

The Garden Girls are three women; Merry Reinis (West Los Angeles, CA), Nan Hunt (Atlanta, GA), and Poonam Salona (Vienna, VA), who shared their love of gardening in a wonderful event on Revel. They had so much fun that they continued to meet to share lots more about their gardening projects. They and other members have shared photos of their raised gardens, incredible balcony and patio displays, and vegetable gardens. And now they’ve started this group! 

Please join to share your love of gardening with us along with your questions. We've got lots of stories, advice & mistakes to share!  Plus, please post the incredible photos of your garden!  We can't wait to see them.  


Creative Crafters

Curator: Colleen 

A group where anyone interested in crafts and painting can share ideas, projects, pictures of your work, recommended teachers, upcoming sales for supplies, and questions. Here’s a chance to meet other Revelers who share your same love of crafts.



Curator: Karen

If you love the open road and frequently hear the outdoors calling, come join our virtual campfire!  This group welcomes the RV chicks, glampers and campers among us… and those who wanna be! Whether you’re an occasional or active traveler or have your own Thelma & Louise dreams, we'd love to have you join our group. Let's gather here to share resources and hopefully add IRL travel events to the calendar!


Revel Entrepreneurs

Curator: Bab

Revel Entrepreneurs is a support and accountability group for Revelers who are launching or growing a business or side hustle and who want connection with like-minded, entrepreneurial-driven women. We will support each other as thought-partners, champions, problem-solvers, motivators, risk-takers, accountability partners, and more! The group will be "co-owned" by all of us - together we will co-design its exact purpose, format, and the "offerings" we bring to each other. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur, just starting out, or simply exploring making the leap, we'd love you to join us. We all have much to give and learn!


Dog Moms

Curator: Nan

Welcome to the group page for Dog Moms. This group was made to nurture you and your dog. We share photos of our cherished companions, challenges (including sorrows), tips, and great resources. Post your questions, advice, and, especially, all the ways your dog-kids have trained you.


Who Will Comfort Me? 

Curator: Kimberly

A group specifically for women without children and/or grandchildren. We meet twice a month to form friendships and talk about common issues such as aging alone. We explore a variety of issues and concerns, such as housing, locations, retirement budgeting and assisted living.


DC/MD/VA Revelers

Curator: Laila

A group for anyone who lives in or is visiting the DC area. If you are interested in anything to do with Washington DC, which also includes Northern Virginia and Maryland, do join our group. We share information about our town, weekly events, art exhibits, restaurants or just getting to know our Revel community. We encourage all of you to join our group and come to DC to meet us and celebrate our beloved city.


Eye Candy

Curator: Dale

This group doesn’t replace, but augments, our monthly Eye Candy presentations. You can pop in here to find more info about the artists, designers, architects, and scientists shown during the event. And I’ll post some tasty tidbits from past events you may have missed, and tantalizing preview clips for upcoming events. And, also, if you’ve seen something amazing, please share it here. We're all 👁's!


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