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December 23, 2021

New Year, New You!

Events To Kick-Off The New Year

We’re thrilled to be kicking off the New Year with lots of events hosted by Revelers who want to help you get a fresh start in 2022! We’ve got a range of offerings, from events that will help you lean into your creative side or grow your brand, to workshops on navigating medicare, and lots more. Please peruse the offerings below, and if you don’t see what you’re looking for check the rest of our event listings or create your own

Dry January: 31 Days to a New You

a glass of wine splashing

Samantha Anderson will be hosting a weekly meetup on Mondays @ 5pm PST/8pm EST for anyone partaking in Dry January! 

From Samantha: 

It's a New Year and we're rolling into Dry January! Do you often wonder what life would be like without alcohol? Maybe you don’t have to drink, but you often do and wish you didn’t. If this sounds familiar, experimenting with a Dry January might be for you. Let's come together in a judgment-free space and share our experiences exploring our relationship to alcohol. 

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Write What You've Always Wanted Today!

a sketch of someone wrtining on a pad

Esther Cohen has created an event for anyone looking to kick-start their writing journey! 

From Esther: 

So many of us have wanted to write forever. Maybe we have a vague idea of the story we'd like to tell: a fragment, a poem, a piece of prose sitting somewhere on the computer, on a piece of paper, in a nearby drawer. This workshop is intended to help us all begin the year with some of the words we've wanted to put on paper.

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Pleasure Experiments for 2022

a drawing of a woman diving into a lake

Amelia Perkins is hosting an event for those interested in embracing and deepening their pleasurable experiences in 2022! 

From Amelia: 

We’ll begin with a meditation to awaken pleasure in our bodies and our imaginations, then we’ll tune into our curiosity and give ourselves time to feel into what would give us pleasure in 2022. 

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New Year, New Values: What's Your Word For 2022?

a colorful geometric pattern

Nina Collins will host a values assessment workshop.

From Nina: 

Every year I like to take a Values Assessment to hone in on where I am and what I want for the coming year. It's a really simple exercise and is a lovely thing to do in a group of like-minded peers. When we all show up on Zoom, I'll share the document we're going to use, and after a few minutes of checking in, we'll do a brief meditation exercise and then a personal values exercise. That will all take around 20 minutes, after which we'll go around and whoever wants to share will be encouraged to do so. It's fascinating to see how much the #1 word we choose changes so much over time!

REGISTER (1/10/2022)

Feeling Comfortable In Your Skin In Menopause

Dr. Keirra Barr, dual board-certified integrative dermatologist, Mind-Body Medicine and Mindfulness mentor, and trauma-informed life coach, will host an event for anyone who will be navigating menopause in 2022.

From Keirra: 

We will explore the shifts that occur in our bodies and skin during menopause such as mood swings and why you may feel like you’re going bald and growing a beard simultaneously, wtf am I right? What role stress plays in symptom severity, and how we can resource ourselves, find comfort, build resilience and feel empowered along the way. 

REGISTER (1/112022)

Brand New You for 2022

Sue Kramer hosts a workshop for any Revel entrepreneurs or creators looking to build their brand in the New Year! 

From Sue: 

What can you do to make yourself stick out? What are the obstacles? What are the challenges? And what are some solutions to get your own brand going? As the CEO and Creative Director of my own branding agency, Connecting Dots Guru, I want to help other Revelers find their brand-voice & story!

REGISTER (1/11/2022)

Bold Vision Workshop - Make it Happen in 2022

Karen Rappaport hosts a workshop with a special guest! 

From Karen:

Join me and my guest, Wendy Leshgold, for a 2-hour interactive workshop using a workbook where we will plan goals, set intentions, and reach for our own stars in the year ahead. I was fortunate to meet Wendy in 2020 when my career in music festival production collapsed as a result of the pandemic. This workshop helped me lean into my fear and start fresh. I invite you to be bold this year and do the same. As Wendy says, "play big, take risks and focus on what's important."

REGISTER (1/13/2022)

Turning 65: Medicare 101 for Revelers

Nichole Kezcely, medicare insurance specialist, is hosting a workshop that will be particularly helpful for anyone who will be turning 65 soon!

From Nichole:

If you'll be turning 65 soon, this workshop is for you! Getting started with Medicare can be a daunting task with so many parts, plans, and confusing rules. This event is designed to help you prepare in advance so you'll understand how Medicare works, when to enroll, and what to expect from different plan types.

REGISTER (1/18/2022)

Manifest a Magical 2022 with Digital Vision Boards

woman working on a vision board

Lisa Selwitz will host a two-part workshop for anyone who wants to learn how to make a digital vision board!

From Lisa:

What do you want for your life that you don’t have right now? What’s the thing that’s missing that you want to manifest? Is a better job on your list? A new relationship? Health issues you’d like to resolve? What about money? We’re starting a New Year, and it’s time to set the universe’s wheels in motion and bring forth your dreams and goals into existence! Digital vision boards are where it all begins. If you’ve never done a vision board before, it’s time to power up and make sh*t happen!

REGISTER (1/23/2022)

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Self Love as Action: Doable Daily Rituals

a heart illusration

Sherry Sidoti hosts an event for anyone who want to focus on self care in 2022!

From Sherry:

We hear people preach self-love as a remedy for our woes, but wouldn't we love ourselves if we knew how? In this virtual gathering, let's explore the theme of self-love as an outward-in action, mapping out simple doable everyday little rituals for loving ourselves just a bit more tenderly in 2022.

REGISTER (1/28/2022)

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