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July 6, 2022

Power Host Profile: Terese Wallen!

Terese swears by Airbnb hosting.

Meet Terese Wallen, Revel Power Host and AirBnb Super Host.

Meet Terese Wallen, Revel Power Host and AirBnb Super Host. Terese offers classes on Revel teaching members the tricks of the trade on how to make relatively passive income as an Airbnb host, which she’s done since 2016. Back then, she and her husband, a builder, had a home on the market in the Chicago area right around Christmas. They knew it was a lousy time of year to sell, and a friend suggested they try Airbnb to cover their home costs during the winter and make some money. “Wow,” she says. “That experience changed my whole perspective on new ways to make money.”

Fast forward six years and Terese has now grown her family Airbnb business to several properties, and they manage properties for others too. Their newest endeavor is the purchase of a run-down 10-unit motel, which they plan to renovate to its original 1960’s charm, and then, you guessed it: rent it out on Airbnb!

Terese’s homes meet a real need in the neighborhood. More often than you’d expect,  families experience damage in their homes due to storms or some other catastrophe. They need to live somewhere for a longer period of time and don’t want to be in a hotel. Her homes provide a furnished space typically in the same town they live in, so they don’t have to disrupt their family’s lives. She’s also completely addicted to resale shopping and loves finding that perfect unique item from the past that adds color and a personal touch to any room. “I can search for hours and lose track of time.”

Here’s the listing that started it all.

Terese swears by Airbnb hosting. She says it’s super easy, lucrative, and fun. Her course on Revel addresses misconceptions about the platform and provides a step-by-step process so that you can make money right from the start, as well as avoid all the mishaps and pitfalls she encountered as a new host.

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