Lisa Marrone
October 1, 2020

As a former VC in Silicon Valley, I routinely evaluated a plethora of start-ups seeking venture funding for their latest tech app aimed at Millennials.But what was glaringly missing was an innovative solution for how technology could help our aging population stay connected. After some research, Alexa Wahr and I created Revel as a means for women in mid-life to form connections and, by the end of our first year, we knew we were building something really special.

Not only did we see a growing, nationwide community of like-minded women coming together to have fun and explore new things, but we began hearing stories of the meaningful relationships our members were building with one another. Our members are supporting each other everyday — getting straight to what matters, whether learning something new, discussing midlife transitions, or tackling a taboo topic in a safe space (yes, menopause, we’re talking about you)! Revel is on a roll and we couldn’t be more pleased to hear your stories of newly formed friendships.

Now in our second year, our members are “reveling” in the empowering experiences they can access through the Revel community — everything from small, group conversations to inspiring talks by leaders in their field. And, you are eager for more. With an elevated experience in mind, Revel will begin charging a membership fee for the first time. Don’t worry, to show our appreciation for our inaugural members who took a chance with us, Revel will remain free forever for all current members. New members, joining us after September30, 2020, will be offered a two-month free trial before choosing to become a Reveler and then will pay $10 per month or $90 upfront annually (a 25% overall savings). We certainly don’t want the membership fee to be cost prohibitive to those unable to pay, so we will set aside funds to support those who would like assistance. 

This membership fee will allow us to create the features this community deserves. Additionally ,it will allow us to protect your safety and security online. We take steps to ensure that each and every one of our members is who she says she is. And, unlike free sites like Facebook, we’ll never sell your data and our platform will stay ad free. Our hope is that Revel remains a growing, sustainable business built by women for women for decades to come!

So, please continue to encourage other women to join Revel — word of mouth is our best resource. You understand the worth of our unique programming and all those fascinating women you are interacting with each day. Can the value of a new friendship, a shared passion, or an opportunity to truly become a life-long learner be measured? What Revel means to its members is truly priceless.

Thanks again for choosing to Revel in life with us!


Lisa Marrone, CEO, co- founded Revel with COO and fellow Harvard Business School alum Alexa Wahr in 2019.

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