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a woman in a bath touches her pelvis
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October 27, 2022

Raging Gracefully: All About Your Pelvic Floor

A Conversation with Dr. Celestine Compton

Jenny Douglas hosts a conversation about the pelvic floor, pelvic floor physical therapy, and how it can be done virtually, with Dr. Celestine Compton from Origin.



About Dr. Compton: 

Celestine Compton, PT, DPT is a doctor of physical therapy with a board certified specialization in women's and pelvic health. Dr. Compton is both Herman & Wallace and APTA trained in the areas of pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, myofascial mobilization, pregnancy and postnatal care. She has acted as a consultant and content developer for various websites and blogs related to women's health and continues to enjoy writing on the subject. Dr. Compton enjoys working in the orthopedic setting and began developing her specialization in women's health physical therapy following her experience in the Women's March of 2017.

She continues to expand her knowledge and capabilities within the field of women’s health physical therapy in order to provide her patients and community with the best care, advocate for her profession on local and national levels, and support the advancement of women’s health through contributions to research, public awareness, and education. As part of the Origin team, she hopes to do her part to raise the standard of care that all women receive at every stage of life and to improve patient access to quality care so that no individual, regardless of location, race, identity, education, sexuality, or economic status is left behind. Originally from New Jersey, she lives with her partner and their daughter in California where the sun is always shining, the beach is always open and a good hike is just a few miles away!

From Origin:

If you break your pinky, you get physical therapy. But if you give birth, go through menopause, experience pelvic pain... well, “that’s just the way it is.”

Not anymore. We believe every woman and individual with vaginal anatomy should have access to the care they need to feel good in their bodies.

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