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Revel HQ
December 17, 2021

The Revel Edit: KIKOKO

Revelers review KIKOKO cannabis products!

I really think that for Kikoko is a great brand especially for women who are newer to cannabis. 

When KIKOKO asked us if we had any Revelers who’d like to try their products we were psyched! We’re always excited to try cannabis products designed to enhance our wellbeing. Plus we’re thrilled to be supporting a female-founded brand, especially in a typically male-dominated industry.

Below you’ll find product reviews from Revelers. Shop here and get a discount for 20% off delivery. We happen to think they’ll make a excellent holiday gifts, or treats for yourself!
*Products only available in CA.

To start us off Reveler Karen R. shot a reel of her sample box (and it looks pretty fab!) which you can check out here


“The Focus honey was intense, but effective and perhaps too effective. I definitely was able to detect the difference. I don’t know if it was due to the honey, but it seemed to be very fast acting and enduring. The mint felt like it was slightly less strong and slightly mellower.

The calm honey was so calming that I felt very languid and a bit sleepy. In the future, I would use this only after my “have to” list was complete.”

-Tulani B. 

“I really enjoyed the honey to add to my tea - prefer the one for sleep as that's when I mostly drink tea.”

-Karen R. 

On the MINTS:

“The taste of the sleep mints was quite strong but I found them pleasant tasting. The high was very mild and pleasant.”

-Sherry B.

“The mints were minty, but pleasant. There was a sweetness that was appealing. I like the varied shapes of the mints, but wish they had hashes or lines that would make them easier to break in half for lower dosage. The sleep mint was good. I slept well.”

-Tulani B.

Would you recommend KIKOKO to a friend? 

“I really think that for Kikoko is a great brand especially for women who are newer to cannabis.  The lower dose, great descriptions and packaging are on brand for women 40+ who like 'concierge' style service and products and don't want to struggle in a dispensary with terms and descriptions.”

-Karen R. 

“Yes, definitely.”

-Tulani B. 

“Yes, I am definitely going to use this again and am also going to give a few to a couple of friends to see if they like it too. It's a great product to have on hand!”

-Sherry B.

If you want to try KIKOKO yourself, or gift it to a friend, you can shop at this link for 20% off delivery! 

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