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tincture bottles coming out of a medicine bag.
Revel HQ
June 15, 2022

Revel Edit: Tinctures from WILE

Tinctures are highly concentrated liquid supplements.

Even the act of sitting still to hold the liquid under your tongue is a welcome mini-break from the mental buzz of your workday. 

We were recently offered the opportunity to try a line of tinctures from our friends at Wile and we said yes! But before we got started we had a few questions.

Our Questions: 

What is a tincture? 

Tinctures are highly concentrated liquid supplements. Wile's contain beneficial herbs, adaptogens, and plant ingredients, distilled and designed to provide quick natural relief of stress symptoms. 

How do you take a tincture? 

Tinctures are best absorbed sublingually, but you can also add them to a drink or smoothie. 

What does ‘sublingually’ mean? 

Fill up a dropper and squeeze it under your tongue. 

Why does that work best?

Supplement pills and gummies go through the stomach and pass through the liver. Under the tongue, tinctures can absorb fast into your bloodstream. 

Do all tinctures include cannabis? 

Definitely not. Wile’s line is THC and CBD-free. 

When should we take Wile tinctures? 

As needed! They're great for on-the-go - keep in your handbag, laptop bag, next to your desk, or even your car. They can go wherever stress may trigger you.

You can make your tincture a regularly scheduled break during stressful times. Add to a daily habit, like making coffee. Institute a mindful moment before you take lunch. This can give you a second to tune in. This will also create a happy habit loop in your brain, using the power of neurological pathways to remind you that you’re taking care of you. Double the positive power!

The Tinctures We Tried: 


Fretful? Ill at ease? In the spin? If your stress manifests in occasional worry or too-much rumination, this tincture can help you release, ground, and calm down.


  • Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi) - 15 ml
  • Ocimum sanctum (Holy Basil) - 15 ml
  • Passiflora incarnata (Passionflower)- 15 ml
  • Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi) - 15 ml


Ideal for those tough days at the office, in traffic, or with mansplainers, Un-Anger tincture can help you recenter, regroup and release.


  • Vitex agnus castus (Chaste Tree Berry) - 15 ml
  • Lavendula officinalis (Lavender) - 15 ml
  • Silybum marianum (Milk Thistle) - 10 ml
  • Crataegus species berry (Hawthorn berry) - 10 ml
  • Piper methysticum (Kava) - 10 ml

Burnout Relief

Over-extended? Exhausted? Looking for natural burnout treatments? Plants work almost as hard as women do. 


  • Brahmi - Bacopa monnieri
  • Arctic Rose - Rhodiola rosea
  • Ashwagandha - Withania somnifera
  • Reishi - Ganoderma lucidum

The Verdict: 

We did find that adding Wile tinctures to our routines for a couple of weeks was calming. Even the act of sitting still to hold the liquid under your tongue is a welcome mini-break from the mental buzz of your workday. 

While some people may find the taste to be a bit “botanical,” we're into it!

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