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a woman standing next to a wire with clothes hanging outside.
Nina Collins
September 23, 2022

Revel Swap Day Ideas & Guidelines

On Sunday, November 6, 2022, we’re encouraging Revelers worldwide to host Revel Swap Events.

Hi Everyone :)

On Sunday, November 6, 2022, we’re encouraging Revelers worldwide to host Revel Swap Events. These could be virtual or online and we’d love you to get as wacky and creative as you possibly can! Here are some suggestions for events and guidelines for best practices to help get you started:

Clothing Swaps 

These are insanely fun and also terribly useful. A few things to keep in mind:

  • How Many Revelers Should You Invite? if you live in an area with a big concentration of Revelers, like LA or NY or Chicago, this could be a huge affair. I once had a Woolfer swap in my Brooklyn apartment with over 120 women! It was great fun, but the volume of clothing was overwhelming! Consider carefully how many members you want to invite ideally – 20 to 30 might be sane:)
  • What Should People Bring? be clear in your event description about what’s allowed and what’s not – do you want luggage? Jewelry? Or strictly clothing? No pajamas? Lingerie ok? Think through the possibilities and state your boundaries! (I once had a woman ask if she could bring old sex toys…)
  • Where Will All The Stuff Be Displayed? designate areas in your space for people to place pants, dresses, tops, handbags, shoes. It's helpful if you can borrow a clothing rack and have hangers on hand, but designated piles really work just fine.
  • Do I Need a Dressing Room? Naked women in the middle of your living room is always fun, but if you want a more restrained affair you should think through what area you want to establish as a dressing room. I always let them just try stuff on anywhere…but again: know your boundaries!
  • Do I Need to Feed Them? Do you want to serve wine and snacks? Do you want to pay for these yourself or would you like everyone to bring something? I often find what’s easiest is to state in the event description that all guests should bring a bottle of whatever beverage they like – could be wine, club soda, Coke, scotch, whatever! And then I buy a few bags of popcorn and call it a day. Or you could charge a ticket price using Revel’s new feature for Power Hosts. You could decide to get the whole shebang catered and charge $50 pp – the world is your oyster!
  • What To Do With All the Leftovers? This is another reason that a HUGE swap can be overwhelming. The time I had 100+ women at my place, I wound up with like 10 Hefty bags of leftover clothing and spent much of the next day hauling it all to the Salvation Army. You might want to call around and arrange for a pick-up the following day, or you might designate a few friends or co-hosts to commit to helping you deal with it all. Or you might want to give everything to the church down the street. Just have a plan, because that will help you feel in control & happy, as plans always do!

Many of the above tips will be applicable to all sorts of swaps, but here are a few other ideas:

Book Swaps

  • Where To Host? These are easier than clothing swaps since there’s no undressing involved. You could also hold a book swap in a cafe or a park.
  • What Kinds of Books? Depending on how many people you decide to invite, you might want to get specific on whether all genres are allowed, or whether you want to limit it to fiction and non-fiction, whether you want to exclude things like illustrated books or children's books, etc.

Story Swaps

I love this idea, and it could be done virtually or in real life. As always on Revel, you get to set your own rules, but what about a gathering where each person gets 3 minutes, or 5 minutes, or 10 minutes, to tell a story about a theme? Kind of like a Moth Story Slam! You could establish a theme for your story slam, like “Virtual Story Swap: Best Solo Adventures” or “Scariest Night Ever” or “Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Done” or “Daddy Issues.” Again, the world is your oyster; go to town!

Recipe Swaps

Here I’m imagining something very civilized and delicious. The In Real Life version is a small party like a pot-luck where everyone brings their absolute best dish, along with the printed recipe to share/give out to other attendees. The Virtual version is everyone shows up in Zoom and gets 3 minutes each to talk about their #1 best recipe and shares it in the chat for others to copy and take away!

Dating Swaps

This is a little kooky, but I love this idea too. I’ll give my own example: on Sunday, November 6 I’m going to host a “Man Swap Brunch.” The idea is that any woman who comes has to bring a single man. She can’t attend if she doesn’t bring one. I’m going to charge $20 per woman (the men are free!) so that I can provide a nice food/drink set-up, and let the mingling commence! . It’s a “Man Swap” because it’s a singles event. You can bring someone you met on a dating app and liked, but didn’t think was right for you. You can bring your recently divorced cousin. You can bring your next door neighbor. Anyone you think is a reasonable romantic prospect for your fabulous single girlfriends. Attached women are welcome to come too (might be fun to just watch what unfolds) but again, only if she brings a single man!

I can’t wait to see how creative y’all get with this idea….xxx


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