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hands using colorful rolling papers
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November 4, 2021

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Buy from Revelers this holiday season!

As you embark on your holiday shopping, we encourage everyone to buy from small businesses whenever possible.

As you embark on your holiday shopping, we encourage everyone to buy from small businesses whenever possible. One good place to start is with products made by Revelers! Below are some of our favorites, and a few discount codes are thrown in, as well!

Riptide Clay

Reveler: Andrea Tschinkel 

a piece of hanging pottery

Small-batch ceramics inspired by seaside living, made in Carlsbad, CA. 


Sarah Sanford Fine Art

Reveler: Sarah Sanford

a landscape painting with a stop sign and houses

Sarah Sanford’s painting explores the enduring and profound connection between humanity and ecology.  Through representations of intimate, contemplative natural environments often framed or punctuated by reminders of the human influence – a rolling landscape with a hint of road, a deserted forest lane with a stop sign. 



Reveler: Karen Poirier

the bust of a woman in a black shirt

Embrago believes that full-busted women deserve to feel dressed and elegant without having to wear a constrictive bra. Their debut collection is designed especially for the DD+ sized cup wearer, and supports up to an L cup well.


Papers and Ink

Reveler: Candice Nobles

Discount Code: revel20

hands over colorful rolling papers

A female-led collective of creators, Papers + Ink Studio develops distinct products — inspired by travels, vintage textiles, and botanicals —  for the sophisticated smoker. 



Reveler: Liz Picarazzi

Discount Code:  PORCHPIRATE (for $100 off a ParcelDrop package delivery locker)

a man leaves a package in a bin on a front porch

Modular outdoor storage solutions like a parcel box for your deliveries, an enclosure to conceal your trash, or more space for storage. 


Genhappy's Modern Cage Cuff

Reveler: EJ Boyce

a woman's arm holding a gold hand cuff

Wear the opening on the top or bottom to change up the look. This square wire cuff is hand brushed for a unique and beautiful finish. Available in 18k gold finish or sterling silver finish.


Statement by Ellen C.

Reveler: Ellen Curtis

Discount Code for 20% off: Revel20

a denim jacket with a lion embroidered on it

Statement by Ellen C is all about style, joy, and making an entrance in wearable art. She’s got both loungewear and upcycled denim jackets! 


Gibby’s Frillery 

Reveler: Kim Bligh

You can do a million things with these stylish headband scarves & ribbon scarves, all made in Georgia, USA.


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