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Nina Collins
July 14, 2022

My Summer Essentials

Favorite Summer Finds from Nina Collins

Strudel! My two year old poodle is absolutely my #1 summer essential. He’s like the best stuffed animal on the planet, and is always happy.

What does one need in the summer? Hopefully good company, good weather, a breezy attitude, and some opportunity to both reflect and celebrate just being alive. Here are the “things” that I consider summer essentials in terms of what I’m using/appreciating on a daily basis during this summer of 2022:

sunscreen bottle

SuperGoop Glowscreen - I love the way this makes my face actually glow! And it makes me feel virtuous because I never wear sunscreen the rest of the year.

middlemarch book cover

Middlemarch - this tome is traveling everywhere with me this summer (even though I’m alternating reading it with listening to the Audible version), and in some inchoate way being immersed in 19th century English village life is helping me to cope with the sad state of contemporary American life.

small spary bottle

Kindra Cool-Down Mist - Even though I’m on a low dose of  HRT, I still sometimes get hot flashes, and am also just unnaturally bothered these days by the heat. I spritz myself all day long with this refreshing spray, and get a tingling sensation of cool moisture which revives and refreshes instantly. A balm that I’m convinced also helps with stress! Plus - it’s small enough to slip past TSA regulations and fit in carry-on luggage.

a woven cosmetic bag

The perfect cosmetic bag - For the sunscreen, the cooling mist, my new airpods (I’m a Luddite, very late adapter, but so handy for Middlemarch on Audible), handwoven recycled neoprene totes from Naghedi. Durable and chic.

a womans legs earing ellow slides

Terrelique indoor slides - Recycled slides, ethically made by Syrian refugees. They have an acupressure component/effect, and feel fabulous. I made the rookie mistake of getting white and then wearing them outside, which was stupid because that pair just looks dirty now. The dark blue is fabulous! Also probably best to use them for inside-only, as designed! 

woman in a simple gray jumpsuit

The best jumpsuit I’ve ever owned - Slightly nipped-in waist, fun buttons all the way down, great fabric, fits snug but not too. I was amazed this works as well as it does. I got it in the dark gray.

a womans hand holding a bottle of soothe bath soak

Soothe Bath Soak - I love a cool bath in summer; don’t you?! This bath soak is formulated specifically to consider the pH of intimate skin as we age, so it's not irritating for our private parts!  Smells good too!

a woman wears a pink tank dress

Easy tank dress, perfect for any occasion - Made by Meg,  a locally made, women run independent clothing line that designs easy pieces for everyday life. Also comes in black.

Strudel! My two year old poodle is absolutely my #1 summer essential. He’s like the best stuffed animal on the planet, and is always happy. When he runs, he bounces! And he’s learning to play fetch. When we get the opportunity to take morning walks on the beach, I feel immeasurably soothed by the birds, the wind, the light, and his joy.  I highly recommend everyone get a dog.

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