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a womans legs wearing yellow slide sandals
Revel HQ
June 23, 2022

The Best Summer Sandals For Women

Fabulous Flat Shoes for Summer

Luckily as far as shoes go, we don’t have to sacrifice beauty for comfort any longer!

The fancy sneaker trend started long before COVID, but the pandemic sealed the deal: women no longer feel any pressure to wear high heels, much less stilettos. And thank God, really, because as we age, while we may sometimes still long to wear them (the lingering influence of our 90s heroine Carrie Bradshaw), the reality is that most of can’t any longer. Loss of estrogen affects our collagen production, so our feet actually have less cushion. It hurts more to stand around in heels now! Not only that, but many of us suffer from lower bone density which leads to a higher risk of stress fractures in the foot. How much are you willing to suffer for beauty? It’s just not worth the risk of twisting an ankle or simply being uncomfortable for a second longer than we have to be. We’re too old for that sh#t.

Luckily as far as shoes go, we don’t have to sacrifice beauty for comfort any longer! There are so many fabulous flat shoes that you can basically wear with any outfit, from a bathing suit and caftan to black-tie. Here are our favorites: 


a womans legs and feet wearing yellow slides

Great indoors and outdoors. These offer acupressure & style! You’ll never take them off.

Birkenstock Waterproof Slides

womans legs and feet wearing blue slides

Everyone seems to have these in white suddenly; effortlessly chic for the beach and anything else.


orange platform sandals

Offers the best arch support and great colors!

Velvet Birkenstocks

A notch up in glamour!

Loeffler Randall

For truly fancy feet!

And a few more for versatile everyday looks, whether you’re running to the post office or having lunch with a friend: 

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