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February 3, 2022

What Is The Conscious Girlfriend Academy?

I’ve always been someone who cared passionately about love.

‍Community members range in age from 21 to 82, but the vast majority tend to be women in their 50s, 60s, and 70s.

We’re delighted here at Revel to announce a new partnership with Ruth Schwartz, founder of the California-based (but international!) Conscious Girlfriend Academy

Ruth, 59, is a Somatica Institute-certified Sex & Intimacy Coach who has taught at multiple universities and published eight books, including Conscious Lesbian Dating & Love: A Guide to Finding the Right Partner & Creating the Relationship of Your DreamsShe came out in 1982, and after struggling for years to have the type of intimate relationship she really wanted, she dedicated herself fully to “cracking the code” of healthy, happy lesbian dating and relationships. Her search for answers took her deeply into neuroscience, psychology and spirituality, and eventually, finally, she understood what she had been doing wrong, and how to create a completely different kind of relationship.  

In 2013, Ruth co-founded Conscious Girlfriend to help other women learn to take charge of their relationship destinies. Her message is simple: “Lesbians and queer women are beautiful, courageous, creative and fully deserving of happy, healthy love, and great sex. If you’ve struggled with dating and relationships, it’s not your fault. You can have the kind of love you really want. It just takes learning how.” 

Ruth says, “There are literally hundreds of other testimonials from women saying they are now able to have completely different dating and relationship experiences than they had before. I am so moved, humbled and blown away by the chance to help lesbians create more true love in their lives, and in the world. 

“I never knew I would be a teacher of lesbian dating, love and sexuality when I grew up! But I’ve always been someone who cared passionately about love. As bell hooks says, life without love is not worth living. Of course, romantic love is not the only kind of love there is. But so many women share a longing for a partnership filled with ease, harmony, trust, connection and passion, and I’m here to say that that longing is sacred, and that kind of partnership is within your grasp.  

“If you’ve yearned for that kind of love and been hurt and disappointed over and over, you might have come to believe it’s just not possible – or not possible for you. My work is all about helping you learn how to both find the right partner, and be the right partner, because it takes both. 

“For many years I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong. I would meet someone amazing, feel the magic, and dive right in. Then, often within a few months, the relationship would get hard and painful. I felt like I was lost in a wilderness, trying desperately to get the love back, but I didn’t know what had gone wrong, or what would help. 

“One of my Conscious Girlfriend Academy members says that the kind of relationship she’s capable of having now, after having gone through my classes, feels like “a different planet.” I feel the same way. Lesbians have the capacity to fall in love so deeply, and love so hard, and our love is beautiful – and worth learning how to create wisely. That’s what the Academy is here to help you do. 

How does it work? 

The Academy's monthly membership program provides all-you-can-learn access to many classes and gatherings each month. We also offer some pay-per-class options, and a pre-recorded Lesbian Bed Life program. 

How old are the participants?

Community members range in age from 21 to 82, but the vast majority tend to be women in their 50s, 60s, and 70s.

What if I’ve never had a relationship with a woman?

If you are a self-identified woman who loves women, or wants to, you are welcome! Classes include lifelong lesbians, women who are just coming out, women who identify as bisexual or pansexual, and non-binary folx comfortable with lesbian culture, too.

What if I want a non-traditional relationship?

The Academy will help  you define what you want and need in true love, and stand strong in your vision. Whatever that vision is, you will be supported!

Here at Revel we’re very excited to partner with Ruth and The Conscious Girlfriend Academy, and she’ll be starting to lead occasional FREE classes on our platform, starting with Lesbian Dating: What You Need to Know and Lesbian Sex 101. 

Conscious Girlfriend speaks to a passionate need among lesbians worldwide. That’s why women from 25 countries have taken Conscious Girlfriend classes. Here are a few of their comments: 

Thank you so much for continuing to impart your wisdom to help women who love women find the love and connection we deserve.  I will be forever grateful to you for helping me learn how to navigate the ups and downs in relationships since it led me to finding the great love and connection my partner Maria & I share.  This year we will celebrate 4 years together!!!
– Mary Guiliani, age 64

Ruth, what you offer, teach, demonstrate, share in CGA and your guidance has truly changed my life. There are few people in life that are capable of having such a positive, deep and life-changing influence. I treasure and cherish you and all the wisdom, knowledge, support ......and so much more that you offer, to me personally and the Lesbian community in general. It truly cannot be found anywhere else.
– C.S., age 73

The program was amazing!  It really helped me to own my sexual identity and feel less self-conscious and embarrassed about coming out in my fifties. It was refreshing and comforting to meet others in the same boat.  The ladies in the academy are wonderful… many possibilities to make friends. Thank you so much for supporting me on this journey.  I will definitely recommend it to others.
– Sonia, age 54

 I can honestly say I couldn't be happier because I have never been this happy before.  My new GF and I have our challenges here and there, but those become opportunities to take pause with each other in order to learn and grow and arrive at a deeper level of connection.  No fights, tension, stress...  You know, the Conscious Girlfriend promise.  I am living proof that when I got myself good and ready, there she was.  For me CG was not only a roadmap; it is my treasure map!  I am sincerely grateful.
– Becky, age 66

My new GF is amazing and frankly she has voiced similar feelings about me.  She is  intuitive. attentive, smart, beautiful, fun, caring, loyal, gracious, open to learning and growing and communicating. We cherish each other. You and CGA have taught me soooooo much, it really makes this kind of relationship possible, in ways that never were before. The main difference for me is taking a new level of responsibility for myself and entirely retiring my Ph.D. in blaming. Ruth, the only way I have reached this new plateau, which feels like a different planet to me, is through you and all you are, all you stand for, teach, develop, demonstrate and offer.
– N.J., age 70


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