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October 26, 2022

WTF Is it So Hard to Access Decent Menopause Care?!

Did you know that fewer than 1 in 5 Ob/Gyns receive training in menopause?

It’s no secret that the medical system in the United States can be a nightmare to navigate - often with frustrating results. Finding menopause care is no exception. Some potential obstacles include: 

We’re Just Not Talking About It

While encouraging progress is being made in this area, menopause as a topic often remains relegated to hushed tones. We’re afraid to discuss our (very common) symptoms in mixed companies and start to feel isolated. The more isolated we feel the less likely we are to reach out for help, to crowdsource ideas, and get the medical care we need. 

Your Doctor Simply Hasn’t Been Educated About Menopause

Did you know that fewer than 1 in 5 Ob/Gyns receive training in menopause? This means that your go-to doctor, no matter how much you like her, or how many babies she may have delivered,  may simply not be equipped to provide the care that you need now. 

It’s Costly

If you discover that your general practitioner or standard Ob/Gyn isn’t equipped to handle your menopause needs, you may want to see a specialist. However, unless you have excellent insurance (and few of us do) the cost of seeing a traditional brick-and-mortar specialist can feel untenable. Not to mention the stress of finding and vetting someone new. 

Fret, but don’t despair: menopause is truly garnering more attention than ever before, and this means that your options are getting better:

Advocate for Yourself 

If your current doctor dismisses your symptoms, spouts antiquated facts, or simply doesn’t have much information to offer when it comes to menopause it’s time to find someone else. Don’t resign to suffering in silence. 

Turn to Research! 

Check out the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) – they have a list of doctors

Ask the Ladies!

Ask in your favorite women-only community – whether that’s Revel, or a FB group, or your local mom’s group. Speak up!

Give Telehealth a Try

We have been hugely relieved to see telehealth open up menopause care access to a broader range of individuals! Our friends at Alloy offer affordable digital assessment and access to bioidentical hormones to help ease menopause symptoms. And if you do try them out use the code SAVE25REVEL at checkout for $25 off your first purchase! 

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