Revel Community
Values & Guidelines

Our Community Values

Revel was founded on three core Community Values:

  • Authenticity - We are forming real connections, in the real world.
  • Respect - We all have something worth sharing and we are worthy of being heard.
  • Joy - Life is short! We are here to laugh and have fun.

We believe these values represent the community we are building. Revel is made up of a diverse group of women: single and partnered, working and retired, kids and no kids, new to their area or have lived there for decades. We are each growing in different ways: engaging in new interests, reinventing ourselves and our work, or simply trying to find new friends. Our differences create a unique and vibrant community, and yet we are all united in our belief that we are each worthy of having a voice, of being seen, and feeling as though we matter.

As members of Revel, we each commit to uphold these values by embracing our Community Guidelines.

Our Community Guidelines

  • We are an open and welcoming community. No matter who you are, you are welcome in our community. We celebrate our differences because it allows us to learn and grow from each other. When we meet someone new at a group or event, we are excited to welcome her into the community and get to know her.
  • We don’t allow discrimination of any kind. Revel is a community inclusive of all those who identify as women and are over the age of 40. We are all committed to doing everything we can to help eliminate all forms of unlawful bias, discrimination, and intolerance from our platform.
  • We explore Revel with an open mind. While we are open and curious, we know that not every Revel group, event, or way to engage will suit our individual needs, and that’s OK! We explore attending and hosting different groups and events with an open mind.
  • We share our creativity and passions with others. Almost every Revel group or event is being organized by a fellow Revel member. We understand that if we don’t find the perfect group for us on the platform, we can start it! If you are interested in a certain topic, chances are there are dozens of other women in the community that are too. Each of us has something worth sharing and we try to add to the community when we can.
  • No solicitation. Revel is a community first and foremost. As members, we want to feel comfortable attending Revel events and groups without the fear that we’ll end up at a sales pitch. That’s why we don’t allow solicitation of our members at our events or otherwise. If you are sharing your expertise at an event, you are allowed to share your business email or website with those interested, but allow those members to contact you if they would like to learn more.
Help us keep the community strong by practicing these Community Norms:
  • If you see someone new, introduce yourself!
  • When applicable, turn your camera on so others can put a face to a name
  • Mind your air time and make sure everyone has a chance to share
  • Be mindful of your surroundings and mute yourself if appropriate (for virtual events)
  • Thank your hosts! They are just community members like you
  • Be courteous to your fellow Revelers and cancel your RSVP at least 12 hours ahead of an event
  • Respect your fellow members time by being punctual