Revel Group Guidelines

General Guidelines

Revel Groups are discussion-based groups on the Revel platform that are created and run by fellow Revel members (with the exception of the All Revelers and Hosting Resources groups, which are run by Revel HQ). Members can create groups on any topic of their choosing, from writing, to hiking, to 15th century art. Groups may have a local flavor to them (e.g. West Hollywood Restaurant Lovers) or be open to all members, no matter their location.

Once a group is created, any Revel member can choose to join that group and partake in the discussions and any associated events. There are many different groups on Revel and we as Revelers understand that not every group may be for us. As a community we ask that each member joins and partakes in the groups that interest her and please refrain from interfering within those that might not.

Each group has its own individual guidelines and rules which are determined by the group curator(s) and explicated in the group's About section. These guidelines include the purpose of the group and what kind of activity is allowed, or not allowed, within the group.

In addition to the individual guidelines within each group, we require all members to abide by these community-wide guidelines as well:

“All Revelers” Guidelines

Unlike the many other groups, ‘All Revelers’ is the only community-wide group on Revel and it is run by Revel HQ. That feed  is intended as a place to share Revel updates, share events and engage in lighthearted discussion. For this reason, this group enforces the following guideline:

Enforcing Group Guidelines and Rules

Revel reserves the right to take action against posts or comments that violate any guidelines and/or rules. This may include reaching out to violators directly, commenting on posts, and/or removing posts or comments. We rarely delete comments, but we will do so if we feel it’s in the best interest of the overall community.

If you see a post that you believe violates our guidelines or if we've deleted something you wrote and you want to know why, please contact us at [email protected]