Revel Guest Speaker Guidelines

We welcome member-hosts who want to invite third party speakers as guests to one of their events. Since these third party speakers will often be held out as experts by other members, we ask you to review and agree to these following guidelines before inviting a guest:

Set Your Guest Speaker Up for Success!
  • Ensure your guest understands Revel community norms by having them review Revel's Community Guidelines and check out our Host Resources Video Library.
  • Confirm all event details and ensure you practice any technology that will be used (e.g. sharing a presentation or using zoom breakout groups).
  • Be on the event with your guest for the full duration of the meeting and help them facilitate if needed (e.g. mute attendees, record the event, read and respond to messages in the chat).
Ensure Guest Credentials are Accurately Described.
  • If applicable, make sure your third party speaker’s credentials are accurately described. If a guest speaker works in a field that requires a valid license, we will ensure that her license is up to date.
Review the Non-Solicitation Policy with your Guest:
  • The third party guest must understand and agree to abide by Revel’s non-solicitation policy.
  • Non-Solicitation Policy: Revel is a community first and foremost. As members, we want to feel comfortable attending Revel events and groups without the fear that we’ll end up at a sales pitch. That’s why we don’t allow solicitation of our members at our events or otherwise. If you are sharing your expertise at an event, you are allowed to share your business email or website with those interested, but allow those members to contact you if they would like to learn more.

We are here to help! If you have questions or would like help in setting up your event, email us at [email protected]. Please note, before your event with a guest speaker is approved, we’ll ensure you and your guest understand and agree to the above guidelines.