Membership Benefits

A group of women chatting

Intimate Chats

Candid, member-led small group conversations - genuine “call your girlfriend” chats.
A woman speaking to a group

Leading Speakers

Learn from leaders and experts during Revel’s virtual series: “How She Revels,” and “In the Know”.
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Online Community

Build deeper connections with members after events using Revel’s Inbox and Forum features.
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Real-life Connection

Join in-person socially distant hikes and outdoor meetups, where local regulations deem it safe.
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On-demand Content

Access Revel’s library of past event recordings to learn and explore your favorite topics on-demand.
A group of female friends

Deep Friendships

As a member of Revel, you’re part of a community of women who will always be here to support you.

How is Revel different?

Ladies in conversation outdoors.

Membership Plans

Enjoy the Revel experience free for 30 days with any membership plan.
Free for 30 days then
billed annually
Free for 30 days then
billed monthly
After your 30 day free trial completes your credit card will be charged based on the membership plan you select. You can cancel anytime from your membership dashboard on the "Account & Billing" page. For info on reduced-fee options email us at [email protected]

Common Questions

Can I try Revel before paying dues?

Yes! When you join you'll enjoy the full Revel membership experience free for 30 days. After that your card will be charged based on your membership plan. Revel membership fees allow us to keep the community safe, ad-free and we never sell your personal info.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel at any time, and receive a prorated refund of any future months in your annual subscription. For example, if you start your paid membership on May 15, and want to cancel on June 30, you will be refunded for 10 months, since you're currently in you second month of membership.

Where is Revel located?

Revel HQ is in San Francisco, but our community is open to any woman 50+, regardless of location. We have members across the US and even internationally. We encourage you to invite friends to join, no matter where she lives.